The Psychology Practice Accelerator
Become confident and skilled building an inspiring psychology practice that fits with your life.
Building your dream practice can be an inspirational and healing experience.
Instead of sleepless nights worrying about managing your workload whilst earning enough money, imagine if your practice building experience looked like this:
You feel confident designing psychology products and services for your clients that you know will offer them the best experience possible. You have a clear idea of who you love to serve and you know how to help them find you and work with you.
As you grow, you know how to pivot and scale your practice up and down to fit your life. You know how to build systems and automate parts of your practice so you feel in control of your growth.
The best part is you feel much more in control of your psychology practice. From understanding how your practice makes money, to working with trusted partners, to creating daily & weekly schedules as well as longer-term plans that are perfect for how you want to live your life.
There is nothing like the feeling you get when your build your dream practice.
Just imagine...
Getting to work in the psychology practice of your dreams with clients you love to serve and in ways you KNOW are meaningful and impactful.
Knowing that whatever happens in life, you'll feel confident you can flex your practice, find your ideal clients and create the income you need and want.
Having a community of colleagues around you that you know has your back and wants you to succeed. Whether it's great news or you're stuck, you'll have colleagues from across the array of psychology specialisms that thrive on helping you out. Always a safe place for you to land.
Seeing colleagues doing well on social media and having the satisfaction of knowing you can put the negative comparisons behind you because you're already on the best track for YOUR life and practice. 
Being able to build a practice that leaves you feeling restored and regenerated. You'll finally be able to plan time in to look after yourself and have time for family, friends, travel and everything that makes your life richer. 
All of this is possible for you, but all too often, private practice ends up looking like this:
You end up feeling overwhelmed with clients who need a lot of additional support and private practice doesn't feel like the best option for them.
Your practice ends up feeling like the job you just left but with even worse terms and conditions! (OK, at least your boss is nice now..)
You can't take time out without losing significant chunks of income. You wish you could plan your work more effectively so you can spend time with family, studying or travelling.
The creative ideas you wished you could work on but which were sat on by senior management in your previous role are still on the back burner years later.
You just miss having those colleagues around you for you to bounce ideas off, to offer you constructive support and to help you on your projects.
You know what you would like to stop doing in your practice but you don't know where to start when it comes to not doing those things any more. 
You can avoid this reality by taking focused time to work on your practice
(and it can be easier than you think!)
I know how overwhelming private practice can feel when there's already so much on your plate.

You may wonder if you're ready enough or clear enough about what you want.

You worry about all the CPD you've signed up for and never got round to using.

It may be that you know there's changes on the horizon that would impact your practice anyway so perhaps it would be better to wait..
Not to mention...
You only work school hours during term time so never find time to work on your practice rather than in it.
You find it hard to decide exactly what you should be working on. Especially when you have so many ideas along with a big dose of FOMO.
You have people relying on you and you're worried if you really 'have what it takes' to do more than therapy or coaching.
But you don't need to do this alone.
You can join a proven programme laid out for you with a step-by-step method to follow and a supportive community to guide you.
You can build the confidence, skills and mindset to create an inspiring practice that fits with your life.
That practice with an awesome team, working with clients you love to serve, bringing your best ideas to life and feeling in control. 
The Psychology Practice Accelerator Programme
This is a unique online and in-person programme created specifically for psychologists in private practice. It is not a typical mastermind, coaching or marketing programme.
It is a ten month blend of learning, development, community and creation for psychologists from all disciplines across the world.

TPPA has been designed to ensure you get the attention, strategy and collective ideas that you need to take your psychology practice to the next level. You will progress from feeling unsure to flying with confidence.
By the end of the TPPA programme you will have:

End the overwhelm and get clear on your niche, your strategy, business models, homepage and brand copy, social media, pricing, and marketing strategies.


Private practice brings us up hard against our inner obstacles and limits. TPPA builds your confidence and gives you a safe place to share your successes and challenges.

The networking and collaboration opportunities are endless.You will join a 'forever community' of TPPA Alumni from all psychology disciplines and from across the world.
Creativity in Action

You will bring your creativity to life in the service of the clients you love to serve and in a way that will sustain you too. Quarterly and monthly planning and masterminding keep you on track.
The bottom line is...
Through The Psychology Practice Accelerator, you'll have what you need to grow an inspiring, profitable psychology practice that fits with your life.
Become confident and skilled building an inspiring psychology practice that fits with your life.
Our next TPPA programme starts in September 2022.

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Let's go into the details...
Here's what you'll find when you join the TPPA programme
Nine Powerful Mastermind Experiences
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
We will meet online in small groups via Zoom once a month as a collective to work on key questions or topics that will offer you support and accountability in your psychology practice growth. You’ll also learn how to:
Structure your practice growth so you take steady, meaningful steps to bringing your vision to life.
Balance periods of focused work with periods of rest to ensure you make progress without burning out.
Access the collective wisdom of a group of trusted colleagues who are on a similar journey.
Get insights and feedback from others on how they see your brand developing.
Have the emotional support that anchors you through the highs and lows of growing your practice. 
You’ll have a supportive space to grow with people who will help you stay accountable.
One-to-one Coaching
"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." 
As part of this program you will receive 2 x 1 hour one-on-one strategy coaching sessions with Wendy Kendall via Zoom. 
Get experienced help to uncover the blind spots in your practice.
Work out your profitable business model blueprint for your practice. The ideal combination of online, offline, active and passive income streams.
Get clear on your money mindset so you can focus on what generates the most profit and joy.
Access Wendy's nearly twenty years' experience of building and scaling successful practices as you create your strategy and plans.
Step away from self sabotage and support those Parts of you that hold concerns and burdens around what it could mean to have a successful practice. 
You’ll have clarity on how to set your practice on a path to meaningful growth.
Three Quarterly Planning Workshops
"Focus on being productive instead of busy." 
In TPPA you will learn a productivity system that will help you stay focused on the key value-led actions that will move you forward without becoming overwhelmed and burned out.
Learn how to prioritise the essentials of moving your practice forward so you're not wasting your precious time on items that will get you less traction.
Create a sense of flow when you're working on your practice by eliminating distractions.
Balance your energy across focused work and planned time for rest and recovery.
Implement tools and methods to support you in prioritising your day to day work.
You'll reduce overwhelm by prioritising the right projects for each coming quarter.
The TPPA Core Curriculum Masterclasses
"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." 
Wendy has distilled more than 25 years working as a psychologist including co-leading an international consultancy to nearly 1 million euros turnover per year into these four repeatable steps. Once you learn this system, you will be able to:
Quickly develop and test the products and services that will get you most traction and profit in your practice.
Launch products and services in a way that means your R&D is paid in advance.
Build capacity and capability in to your practice so that you set yourself up for sustainable growth.
Create an effective marketing strategy and tactics for your psychology practice that don't rely on unethical sales and marketing strategies.
You’ll have a repeatable system for creating and marketing successful psychology products and services.
A Two Day Business Retreat
"Life can only be  understood backwards but it must be lived forwards."
Clarify your business vision, set growth goals, harness your unique strengths, and articulate your bigger mission. You’ll also learn how to:
How to build a practice that is regenerative and restorative to you, your family, your clients, your community and wider society.
How to set up your practice for future 'right sizing' - whether that means getting it ready for scaling up or getting it on an even keel before a major life change.
How to build and scale your reputation and network beyond TPPA to create your future pipeline of business.
How to become a more effective leader in your practice so that your colleagues and associates want to stay and contribute to your practice's growth.
You’ll have personal  plan for a private practice that enhances your life.
Complete Communication Package
"People are drawn to clarity and away from confusion."
We work with you to understand your niche and uncover the story of your brand. We then craft your new homepage wireframe and Messaging Guide in an engaging way that  centres your clients, helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace and gives you confidence to communicate your value across your marketing and social media.
Clarify your core brand messages and phrases that you will be able to use throughout all your marketing and social media communications.
Get the layout and words for your website homepage that will attract and convert more of the clients you want to work with.
We create a bespoke Messaging Guide for you that you can share easily with your VA, web designer, copywriters and marketing support  so that all your content stays aligned and 'on message.'
You’ll have clarity on how to communicate your unique value and niche to attract new clients.
Social Media Strategy Session
"Having knowledge but lacking the power to express it clearly is no better than never having any ideas at all."
Create a consistent presence and brand without being overwhelmed by social media:
We help you create a brand that aligns with your key messages and your values.
We design four perfectly aligned templates for your social media accounts that you can repurpose multiple times
We work with you to refine your hashtag strategy to help your content connect with more of your ideal clients.
You’ll feel confident about bringing your practice to life through social media.
TPPA Alumni Lifetime Membership
"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."
The TPPA Alumni membership group is a lifetime benefit for TPPA participants. 
A private facebook group where you can connect with the whole TPPA Alumni community for new partnerships, marketing support and collaborations.
An exclusive newsletter where you find out about new opportunities and ideas to grow your psychology practice.
A community you can rely on for inspiration, motivation and support as you go through the ups and downs of growing an inspiring psychology practice.
Now and in the future, a place to ask questions, find solutions and get feedback when you're working *on* your practice, as well as in your practice.
You’ll have a community that has your back, now and beyond TPPA.
The TPPA Core Curriculum
The Core Curriculum gives you the strategy, skills and systems you need to build and scale your practice. This powerful 4 step approach will power your practice beyond TPPA.
But wait there's more!
When you enrol in TPPA,
you'll also get these exclusive masterclasses...
Masterclass on building value creation into your practice.
The heart of a profitable and ethical practice means focusing on the value you create. This masterclass outlines the different areas of value creation that exist in psychology practices that you can leverage to increase your profitability whilst staying true to your ethical values.
(Value £200) Included in TPPA
Masterclass on building your intellectual property and business models.
The unique intellectual property and business models you create are a foundation for the future growth of your psychology practice. This masterclass teaches you a methodology to define your IP and structure the ways you bring it to market.
(Value £200) Included in TPPA
Masterclass on building word of mouth marketing with  your 'Army of Advocates.'
Whatever your formal marketing strategy, you can still benefit from applying the power of a word of mouth marketing approach to build your 'Army of Advocates' who support and champion your brand. 
(Value £200) Included in TPPA
Masterclass on asking for the business.
Sometimes you just have to ask for the opportunities! In particular when working with business and corporates, it's important to reach out and connect with the right people so that the opportunities you're looking for come your way. We created a collaborative masterclass with some of our TPPA business psychologists to outline methods for asking for the business effectively. 
(Value £200) Included in TPPA
IFS Masterclass on 'Working with your Inner Leadership Team.'
Our lead coach Wendy Kendall is a Level 3 qualified IFS practitioner and she uses IFS in her executive coaching practice. In this masterclass, she shares daily practices you can implement to help you access more Self Leadership, support your 'Inner Leadership Team' in trusting your Self Leadership and empowering you to work with more Parts of yourself as you bring your psychology practice to life.
(Value £200) Included in TPPA
Guest Masterclass with Diane Diaz on how to build your Personal Brand.
Personal branding coach and teacher, Diane Diaz, runs a masterclass on how to define your personal brand and how to use your story and your key messages to connect with clients you love to serve. 
(Value £200) Included in TPPA
Masterclass on building in contribution and legacy. 
This masterclass is a deeper reflection on the links between the contribution you're offering to the world through your psychology practice, the legacy you are building and your sustainability in the here and now. Meaning and trust in the future are major determinants of sustaining our motivation over the long term so this masterclass helps you tap into these deeper values and bring them to life in the here and now.  
(Value £200) Included in TPPA
Access to our Social Media & Marketing Confidence for Psychologists online course.
Helping you connect with confidence online and grow your practice. We share systems and methodologies for maximising engagement, presence across platforms, repurposing, doing good for your clients through your social media and content, and scaling through partnerships.
(Value £299) Included in TPPA
Places for the sixth cohort of TPPA are now open and filling fast!

Are you ready to grow an inspiring psychology practice that fits with your life?

This is how it works:
Your TPPA Timeline
Welcome week
Onboarding/ welcome pack/ your start of programme 1-to-1 coaching session
Quarterly planning sessions
Join Wendy in an open office session at the start of the programme and the end of each quarter, where you can get a space and support to plan out your practice's next quarter using the TPPA Planning Methodology.
Monthly group masterminds
Group session/ plan out 'sprints'/ keep each other accountable/ group support
Monthly 'core curriculum' masterclasses
Nine new masterclasses, one a month, will be sent to you to teach you the steps to growing an inspiring psychology practice.
Your complete communication package
We craft your new homepage wireframe and complete Messaging Guide so you stand out in a crowded marketplace and communicate your value confidently across your marketing and social media.
Social media strategy session
Your brand look and feel on social media including four templates you can use on your preferred social media platforms or newsletters.
End of programme 1-to-1 coaching session
As your journey on the programme comes to a close you will have your final 1-to-1 coaching session with Wendy where you can plan for your future once you 'graduate' from TPPA.
Strategic business retreat
To help you consolidate all that you have learnt we will be hosting a two day business retreat. This complete immersion will be the springboard you need to take your practice to the next level.
TPPA Alumni community support
Join in the community for support and online and offline practice building events throughout the year. 
You get all this for £291 per month
TPPA is a 10 month programme payable over 12 months to keep your monthly payments even more affordable.
Success stories from psychologists like you
“I was so lost with what I wanted to do when I found you. I wanted to heal from a fairly rubbish first year in business and get some clarity, focus, support and energy to move forward! One of the best decisions I have ever made. You guys are the absolute best!!”
- Michelle Minnikin, Managing Director, Work Pirates
“I was close to burn out and could not keep working to the same model of practice but had NO idea where and how to start.  I knew I had more in me but needed you and others on the same journey to help me clarify what that was and help me move forward with it.”
- Dr Becky Quicke, Clinical Director, The Menopause Psychologist
Helping hundreds of psychologists grow a practice they love
As Associate Partner of an international consultancy from 2003-2014, Wendy Kendall co-led the company to nearly 1 million euros turnover per year. In her corporate practice, she has worked with over 3000 global leaders including coaching executives who are running businesses in excess of 1 billion euros per year turnover.
She became a Chartered Occupational Psychologist in 2000 and a Registered Coaching Psychologist in 2006, specialising in training, coaching and leadership development.  Wendy is also the first UK Chartered Occupational Psychologist qualified to Level 3 in the Internal Family Systems model. In 2020  she completed Story Brand Guide training to support psychologists in story-based communication.

Wendy is the founder of TPPA, which she started in late 2017.  

"I set up my first private practice in 2003 after moving to a new country where there wasn't really a word for what I did in my profession. I started out before there was broadband internet or even social media companies!

Since then I've negotiated both the Financial Crisis of 2008-2012 and the Corona Virus Pandemic, plus have moved countries twice more, and have grown successful psychology practices throughout all these disruptions. That's why sustainability is the heart of TPPA.

What I learned that  I want to share with you, is that typical business and marketing strategies can sometimes leave psychologists in private practice feeling confused and deflated. There are specific values, experiences and client groups that we work with that don't fit easily with commercial business and marketing. That's why we built TPPA for psychologists by psychologists."

Wendy Kendall, TPPA and IPP Lead Coach 

Instead of growing your practice completely on your own,
we have created this programme to work for you.
Who is this programme for?
You are a qualified psychologist who absolutely loves their profession and want to have a private practice you love too.
You maybe already have a busy and successful practice but are feeling overwhelmed working in your practice rather than on it.  
You want to deliver the best version of yourself to your clients and colleagues.
You are ready to work at a higher level on your practice and be accountable for the changes that will need to happen.
You want to have the clarity to focus on the tasks that will deliver the best outcomes.
You want to create a network of colleagues that will support you and help you grow your business.  
Who isn't this programme for?
If you are wholly employed by somebody else’s private or public company (i.e. other than your own company or self employment).    
You are not able to invest the time and effort into learning the skills and insights needed to up level your practice (around half a day per month).
You are not passionate about the industry or wanting to build a thriving psychology practice.
Success stories from psychologists like you
“I have loved the support. I’ve loved being part of a group and took so much out of our sessions. Getting out there and getting to do what really matters to you and doing it well, is so worth it.”
- Dr Andrea Shortland,  Clinical Director, Pocket Family Psychologist
“I was also looking to streamline and find a niche. The first year after leaving the NHS was great, felt empowered (the empowered word!) and happy of my choice. At that point I started missing a community of psychology. UK3P filled that gap, but I thought how powerful it would be to join a community with likeminded people who were working toward similar goals.”
- Dr Laura Villa, Clinical Director, City Living Psychology
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