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To have an Inspirational Psychology Practice that fits with your life, you have to master the basics of psychology practice growth. The Masterclass Video Series walks you through five pillars of Creating a Valuable Psychology Practice, including exercises you can complete in the downloadable workbook. 

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Creating a psychology practice or psychology business? And why does it matter?


When I found this out, it made so many aspects of growing my psychology practice make sense for me. Fundamentally, a business is something that you might decide in the future to sell. That means it’s going to be separate from you as a founder, where as a practice, you as the founder are integral to the business operation, you’re integral to the practice. That that changes a lot of things.

If we think about how you would go about selling the business in future that means you need to set up the brand, for example, as being something that is separate to you. Whereas if you’re running the practice you would be building the brand around you as an individual. That leads to different strategies and challenges as you grow your practice.

This Masterclass Video series walks you through the challenges and the strategies you can employ to grow an Inspirational Psychology Practice. Click on the button to sign up for the Masterclass Video Series.


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