I don’t want to be in a f*****g SEO race with Google

Marketing as a digital arms race’ is so problematic for psychology practices.

I decided to train as a certified Storybrand Guide & started Storybrand Guide training yesterday.

Don Miller really hammered home, time and time again, the need for clarity in how we communicate with people who are coming into contact with our services. 

All touch points. Not only our websites or in the digital space

I love how beautifully aligned the Storybrand communication framework (it is so much more than marketing) is with what we do. 

So much in regular marketing and sales approaches are aligned with commercial, hustle or start-up cultures and I find it often jars with our values as psychologists.

I don’t want to be in a fucking SEO race with Google. 

I want to connect and communicate with people, not an algorithm! 

Don Miller spent a lot of time with us yesterday explaining the importance of ‘narrative transportation and transformation.’ The power of story to move people through transformation. 

That’s what we do too as psychologists! 

Storybrand offers a framework to help us get really clear on that for our clients, in a way that demonstrates both our empathy and our authority, without making ourselves out as the heroes of our practice.

This is truly an important paradigm shift.

We *have* to move away from positioning ourselves, often inadvertently, as the heroes or saviours in our clients’ stories and move towards empowering them to be the heroes in *their* stories with us as their guides.

This is especially important as we attempt, as a profession, to become aware of and move away from our history of white saviourism. No more ivory towers.

Exciting news is that for TPPA5, starting 21st September 2020, I will be incorporating a full brandscript session & homepage wireframe sessions, as well as a social media strategy session with Éva based on the brandscript.

This will give participants a framework for how to communicate, whether it’s through your website, social media, or in your documents, workshops and courses, in a way that empowers your clients to be heroes in their own story.

That’s not all 

Watch this space 😉


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