The Psychologists’ Roadmap for

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Serve your clients’ unique psychological needs and give yourself more time and money in your psychology practice.

Learn the four stages of design that help you create online products and courses that fit your clients’ psychological needs.

Struggling to turn your psychology service into an online course or product? Here’s why.

Four stages to create courses & products that truly help clients.

What do your clients need you to include? We’ll show you.

Wendy Kendall. C.Psychol.
Your Guide.
These days, it’s crucial for psychologists to get our VALUE out there in ways that actually help to move clients through those complex journeys but also harness and leverage technology.
Most of these ‘online course building’ experts are marketers by background and tend to teach skill-based stuff and so their online instructional design tends to be oriented around skill-based learning and certain types of knowledge transfer.
Therapeutic, healing or growth journeys don’t lend themselves to ‘How to…’ courses. Our clients often know the ‘how’ – they need something different from us in the online space.
In this Masterclass to unpack and share some of the things I’ve learned on my 25 yr career in building therapeutic, learning, development, and growth journeys.
  • Don’t keep putting off developing your own online products and courses.

  • Stop struggling with online course frameworks that aren’t suited for your services as a psychologist.


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