3 opportunities for contribution and value creation in our private practice

3 opportunities for contribution and value creation in our private practice

3 opportunities for contribution and value creation in our private practice

  1. The beauty of running a private practice is that it gives us the opportunity to create alignment between our own strengths and the needs of those we love to serve
  2. The other opportunity is that we have the power to be change makers and to raise our voices and be activists, especially when we raise our voices together.
  3. The third opportunity is that we learn, through private practice, that we can empower ourselves to do this through learning and connecting with others who share our passions and vision. We don’t need an organisation or a Government to do this for us. 

I really want to emphasise the point of us raising our voices together as psychologists. I love the idea of having a positive community of psychologists in private practice who are there for each other. This is why we also have a Facebook group called Creating Valuable Psychology Practices as a platform for this community of inspiring psychologists.

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Why are psychologists so needed

Why are psychologists so needed

We, as psychologists, want to be able to help people and we’re in a helping profession.

Now, I want to just talk a little bit about the context of our practices. An article from the Guardian outlined the cost of mental illness and we’re looking at, across Europe, 4% of GDP per year being lost to the effects of poor mental health.

If you look at Gallup research from 2015 68% of people across companies actively disengaged.

There will be some overlap in those datasets, because as this Guardian article highlights, nearly half of these costs are related to lower unemployment and lower productivity. The lower productivity element will be feeding into the disengagement figure as well.

What’s the message here?

There is a massive need for psychologists and for psychological services in our country, across Europe, and across the world. This need has only grown with the impact of the global pandemic.

So, this element of how successful and how can we earn money in psychology? Is there work out there for us in private practice?

Yes! There’s lots of work and lots of need! The main challenge is figuring out how to serve the people we love to serve in ways that allow us to reach them sustainably.

This became more complex owing to the challenges of working face to face during the pandemic. We need to pivot and diversify our practices so we can reach more people, more sustainably.

If you’d like resources and a support network as you navigate this ‘next normal’ in your private practice, please join our Facebook group Creating Valuable Psychology Practices.

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What is holding us back in private practice?

What is holding us back in private practice?

So what’s holding you back?

The question is often, “what will other people think of me if I do things differently?”

If you start to talk about your practice differently.

If you show up differently online.

If you show up differently for clients.

What will other psychologists think about me? And will I receive criticism for doing things differently?

Then there’s questions around, “is it really possible to do that differently? I’ve been told that there’s an expectation of a certain prescribed path maybe that I should be using or should be following.”

What I think happens is that there are certain areas of practice where there are prescribed methods for a reason, but I think this belief in ‘the way to do something’ that starts to leach out into other areas of our practice until it settles into how we operate. It becomes more of a generalised belief.

This element of developing a different mindset around our practices means that we need to also think about how we challenge ourselves to practice psychology differently in certain areas.

Finally, there is the belief that, “it’s too complicated right now”.

It feels difficult when we’re trying to square all of those competing values. It can feel really complicated to then start thinking about how you can do something differently, especially if we’re in that mode of delivering in order to meet our money requirements. We need to live and we need to pay the mortgage, so it can feel really overwhelming to say let’s take a step back and look at working differently.

So those are three elements that personally may be holding us back in private practice.

What are your thoughts on this? Share your experience in the comments below and we can get the conversation started!

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I don’t want to be in a f*****g SEO race with Google

I don’t want to be in a f*****g SEO race with Google

Marketing as a digital arms race’ is so problematic for psychology practices.

I decided to train as a certified Storybrand Guide & started Storybrand Guide training yesterday.

Don Miller really hammered home, time and time again, the need for clarity in how we communicate with people who are coming into contact with our services. 

All touch points. Not only our websites or in the digital space

I love how beautifully aligned the Storybrand communication framework (it is so much more than marketing) is with what we do. 

So much in regular marketing and sales approaches are aligned with commercial, hustle or start-up cultures and I find it often jars with our values as psychologists.

I don’t want to be in a fucking SEO race with Google. 

I want to connect and communicate with people, not an algorithm! 

Don Miller spent a lot of time with us yesterday explaining the importance of ‘narrative transportation and transformation.’ The power of story to move people through transformation. 

That’s what we do too as psychologists! 

Storybrand offers a framework to help us get really clear on that for our clients, in a way that demonstrates both our empathy and our authority, without making ourselves out as the heroes of our practice.

This is truly an important paradigm shift.

We *have* to move away from positioning ourselves, often inadvertently, as the heroes or saviours in our clients’ stories and move towards empowering them to be the heroes in *their* stories with us as their guides.

This is especially important as we attempt, as a profession, to become aware of and move away from our history of white saviourism. No more ivory towers.

Exciting news is that for TPPA5, starting 21st September 2020, I will be incorporating a full brandscript session & homepage wireframe sessions, as well as a social media strategy session with Éva based on the brandscript.

This will give participants a framework for how to communicate, whether it’s through your website, social media, or in your documents, workshops and courses, in a way that empowers your clients to be heroes in their own story.

That’s not all 

Watch this space 😉


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Clarify your message

Clarify your message

One of the marketing phrases I love is: “If you confuse, you lose” – @donmilleris

How we can strengthen our marketing in a very simple way?

This is a quote from one of my favourite marketers, a guy called Don Miller, and his whole *thing* in marketing is focused on clarifying your message (you could say, it’s one of his ‘chapters’).

We really need our communication to be very clear for people, and very clear in our marketing for the people that we serve in terms of how we can help them.

I have mentioned in the past the importance, as psychologists, of ‘providing clarity and voicing reality.’

This is one of those cornerstones of clarifying your message but, Don Miller’s point here is, the clearer you can be in your messaging, the better your marketing will work. No matter the technology, the platform, the gizmos, the SEO (search engine optimisation.)

All that is required is to be clear in your message. 

Miller also says, ‘Don’t be cute or clever. Be clear.’ I find this is a good way to screen my messages. Am I being cute or clever at the expense of clarity? 

Clarity wins every time.

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