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At Inspiring Psychology Practices, we understand how it feels frustrating to have tons of great ideas for growing your practice but not know where and how to bring them to life.

You’ve likely tried, as we did, to find the perfect coach or consultant who could help you have that inspirational practice that still fits with your life. We know that you want to be a well-respected psychologist that brings new ways of working to their practice, and it’s wrong that so many psychologists find themselves not having the time, space and support to harness their creative energy.

At Inspiring Psychology Practices, we get it.

We believe that private psychology practices should be inspirational places to work every day.

Wendy Kendall, our managing director first started her own psychology private practice seventeen years ago after moving countries and has since moved countries again twice, bringing her practice with her each time. She’s grown her practice successfully through both the 2008 global financial crisis and the 2020 global pandemic (so far! it ain’t over yet sadly). Since she started TPPA in January 2018, she’s helped dozens of psychologists from around the world grow inspirational practices they love through coaching, workshops, retreats and programmes.

In 2019 and 2020 respectively, she was joined by Éva Barrellon-Kendall, her daughter, who takes care of project management & social media management, and Emily Vawdrey, who is a social anthropologist by training and responsible for thought leadership research for Inspiring Psychology Practices and Wendy’s corporate practice, Globally Talented.

In 2020, Wendy also became a Certified Storybrand Guide, adding story-based communications to the mix of support available for psychologists in private practice.

We are committed to helping you have an inspiring psychology practice that fits with your life so you can get off that treadmill and bring those wonderful, creative ideas to life for the clients you love to serve.

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