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“I was looking for clarity and inspiration and to think about how I could pivot and expand my practice rather than just doing the ‘same old thing’. Sure got that!”
Dr Catherine Baverstock,
The Goddess Psychologist
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Community Testimonials
“I feel like I can shed the old layers of what I used to be as a psychologist. I was a generalist psychologist and actually I can shed that and say: ‘You know what, this is who I really want to work with and I can.’ This process is the greatest gift I have given myself.”

Dr Tina Mistry
Clinical Director, The Brown Therapist Network
“I was close to burn out and could not keep working to the same model of practice but had NO idea where and how to start. I knew I had more in me but needed you and others on the same journey to help me clarify what that was and help me move forward.”

Dr Becky Quicke
Clinical Director, The Menopause Psychologist
“I was looking for clarity, hope and a plan on how I could reconnect with the passion that I once had for psychology. I feel like I’d lost my way a little and wanted something more, something different from my life. Life is short and I wanted to make the most and enjoy mine!”

Dr Hannah Bryan
Managing Director, The EMDR Supervisor
Join a Global Community of Psychologists
Creating the Future of Private Practice.
Our community of psychologists in private practice is truly unique and uplifting. We have created a space for psychologists from all specialisms and locations to come together, collaborate and inspire each other as we create the Future of Private Practice.

When you become part of our Inspiring Psychology Practices family, it’s for life. We are not your typical coaching and training business. We are a platform where psychologists thrive together.
Community Testimonials
“I have loved the support. I’ve loved being part of a group and took so much out of our sessions. Getting out there and getting to do what really matters to you and doing it well, is so worth it.”

Dr Andrea Shortland
Clinical Director, Pocket Family Psychologist
“The Practice Accelerator retreat has been one of those opportunities to actually be able to work on your business in some depth and give yourself a pathway forward. You will learn so much about yourself and how you’re going to take your business forward.”

Remembering our dear friend and colleague Dom McCanny with warmth and fondness. We miss him.

Dominic McCanny
Managing Director,
“I was able to explore for myself what I really wanted to do and that was really powerful for me. There’s something about investing in ourselves that feels quote difficult at times. What I’ve learned from The Psychology Practice Accelerator is the importance of investing in ourselves and doing something different.”

Dr Catherine Baverstock
Clinical Director, Healthy Minds
“I was so lost with what I wanted to do when I found you. I wanted to heal from a fairly rubbish first year in business and get some clarity, focus, support and energy to move forward! One of the best decisions I have ever made. You guys are the absolute best!!”

Michelle Minnikin
Managing Director, Work Pirates
“I was also looking to streamline and find a niche. The first year after leaving the NHS was great, felt empowered (the empowered word!) and happy of my choice. At that point I started missing a community of psychology. UKP3 filled that gap, but I thought how powerful it would be to join a community with likeminded people who were working toward similar goals.”

Dr Laura Villa
Clinical Director, City Living Psychology
“I’ve grown so much in the last year, in terms of my private practice but also in myself. That is largely thanks to Wendy Kendall. I have done all the work, of course, but Wendy guided my vision and passion through business coaching.”

Michaela Thomas
Clinical Director, The Thomas Connection
Get the Free Video Series:
5 Steps to Move from Overwhelm to

Inspiration in Your Psychology Practice
Did you go into private practice dreaming of a more fulfilling and balanced life only to find that the pressure to serve a full caseload can make that vision feel out of reach?

This video series shows you step by step how you can get off the treadmill of a full caseload and create a practice that works for you. By the end, you will have created a strategy and business model for your practice that empowers you to do the work you love in a way that fits with your life. 
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